Rice Support for Flooded Farmers

(KPL) Saravan and Sekong farmers whose crops were damaged by floods in September have received rice and rice seeds donated by two power companies.

The handover ceremony for the assistance was held on Dec 10 in Saravan and Sekong provinces.

The Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC) and its major shareholder, EDL-Generation, have handed over 20 tonnes of rice and 10 tonnes of rice seeds to the authorities of each province, following an appeal by the government for assistance in helping flooded communities recover.

THPC’s Deputy General Manager, Soulideth Baomanikhoth, said the donation was small considering the scale of the natural disaster across the southern provinces, but that it was a heartfelt gesture from the companies and their staff, and one that could make a real difference for those families receiving the rice.

The total value of the donation was 418 million kip, which Mr Soulideth said was raised from three sources: the sale of recycled metal from the Theun-Hinboun power station, collection of donations from EDL-Gen and THPC staff, and a contribution from the company’s disaster response fund.

Source: Lao News Agency