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Schools and Temples Should Be Given Equal Importance

I have read an article written by an editor of the Lao News Agency (KPL). The article, published on its daily newspaper Patthelao, issue dated January 3, 2017, raised a question that between schools and temples which one should be given more importance.

In the article, an unnamed person was quoted saying that when it comes to donations for temples, people are willing to make them. In contrast, when people are asked to make donations for schools, few people will do accordingly.

However, more questions can be raised after reading the article. These include, “Is it possible to place equal importance on temples and schools since temples tend to be more developed than schools.

The large areas of temple grounds have been filled with constructions built with donated money.

At some temples, especially the well known ones, barriers have been established against those wishing to be monks, as once they become monks they are entitled to a number of benefits.

Some schools, especially in remote and rural areas, remain in poor condition. Students are found studying in classrooms with gray floors or bamboo knitted walls. Schools without walls are also found in some remote and rural areas.

When taking into consideration donations to the temples, it appears that people are more worried about their next life than the education or future of their children.

The names of donors and the amount they have donated are found inscribed on the walls of the temples. This raises the question of whether the donors want to be well-known for their donation or they just do so due to their faith in the religion.

Source: Lao News Agency

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