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State Attapeu Import-Export Follows PM’s Order No. 15

The wood processing business State Attapeu Import-Export Company claims that it has been focusing on translating into reality the Prime Minister’s Order No. 15 on Enhancing Strictness on the Management and Inspection of Timber Exploitation, Timber Movements and Timber Businesses.

“Since the Order was announced on May 13, 2016, our business operations have been aligned with it strictly,” said Director of the State Attapeu Import-Export Company, Mr Khamphay Khamphilavong.

The company’s wood business involves the production of plywood, interior door-window frames, door panel, and parquet. Plywood shares the majority representing 85 per cent of the production capacity of the company.

Ninety per cent of its products are exported to neighbouring countries including 55 per cent to Thailand and 35 to Vietnam.

Last year, the State Attapeu Import-Export Company exported more than 1,000 cubic metres of plywood to Thai and Vietnamese markets.

The company hopes to export around 2,000 cubic metres of plywood to Thailand and Vietnam this year.

“The demand for plywood in neighbouring markets is high, but we cannot meet their demand as we cannot source enough raw materials for our factory,” said Mr Khamphay.

Mr Khamphay said that it has an ambition to have more local people involved in planting industrial trees so that its demand for raw material can be gradually eased in the future.

“This strategy will ensure not only a better supply of raw materials to the company, but also increase the income generation of local tree growers so that they can live their lives above the poverty line,” said Mr Khamphay.

The State Attapeu Import-Export Company currently has 56 employees, 80 per cent of whom are local nationals.

Source: Lao News Agency