Take It Easy Cafe, Another Place Of Choice For Burger, Coffee Lovers

(KPL) Take it Easy Cafe has become one of the newest restaurants for people who love western tastes especially, burgers and coffee.

Take it Easy Cafe was opened early this month and the target customers of our restaurant are foreigners, and burger and coffee lovers, said Mr Kim Thavisack, the director of Take it Easy Cafe.

Take it Easy Cafe & Grill for awesome American breakfast, all kinds of coffee, rockin’ cheeseburgers and kickin’ steak sandwiches

The idea of naming this restaurant Take it Easy came from a Lao Two Tones band. They like to play contemporary songs and one of them is called Take it Easy. This song has inspired us to establish this Take It Easy Cafe, said Mr Kim.

Take it Easy Cafeis located on the 4th floor of World Trade Center in Vientiane Capital.

Source: Lao News Agency