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Tax Payments for Imported Cars Need to have Receipts Issued

An army official in Peak district, Xiengkhuang province has called on the Ministry of Finance to re-inspect the issuance of receipts for tax payment for imported vehicles.

The army official, who wishes to remain unnamed, has recently claimed via the 1519 hotline of the Ministry of Finance that he paid 82 million kip for importing a car, but he did not receive any receipt.

The tax payment for imported cars is to strictly follow the notices of the Government and Ministry of Finance.

The Provincial Committees responsible for coping with the problem of imported cars are in charge of District Vice Governors.

Once Xiengkhuang province has received a notice from the central level, a public announcement was made announcement for owners of imported vehicles in the province to bring their vehicles tax payment on or before March 31 2017.

In the beginning, some owners of imported cars came to register for tax payment, but as the deadline came closer, many people came to pay their taxes, and the work was delayed as a consequence.

Vehicles for which taxes and other payments have already been made are deemed to be legitimate and are given the license plates in one day.

The soldier’s complaint via the hotline is under process for further investigation.

Source: Lao News Agency