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Teanh Proat Popular During Khmer New Year

Teanh Proat (Rope-Pulling or Tag-of War Game) is one of Cambodia’s traditional games played during Khmer New Year in pagoda or village square with large open-space.

This game is a sport for friendship to rehearse the physical strength, solidarity, and united for success. Its origin is traced back to the series of the story of Churning the Sea of Milk and has a connection with Ko Samoth Tek Dos.

The game is popular among young people.

This kind of sport is a private game that allows players’ strength to be tested and a chance to exercise for a better health. It also demonstrates the importance of teamwork both physically and mentally in order to achieve success in any given tasks in life.

Teach Proat can be played from 10 to 20 players or more by dividing into two teams. When there are male and female players, male will be grouped in one team, while female will be another. Usually, the female team has an advantage of having at least two players more than the male team.

The game requires a robe of at least 10 meters in length with diameter as big as the wrist of a child. The robe is made from calf for water buffalo’s skin. Additionally, a Korng (similar to a drum) is required for the referee to initiate the game.

Firstly, each team chooses one strong male and one strong female with big shoulder to grip each end of the robe. Then, another strong male and female are selected to stand in front of each team to drive the pulling. All smaller male players stand between the two selected strong males, while all female players stand in between the two selected strong females.

After all preparations above, a referee is chosen to stand in the center, holding Korng ready and shout Yak Or loudly lengthily and handsomely.

All players will response at the same time by shouting Hoar Vou three time before each team start pulling the robe.

The game is not just a force to win the game, but to be united and united. Another meaning of this tug-of-war is to disassemble old fashioned gadgets and capture only good luck for the New Year.

On the same day evening, the government officials and local people also join celebrating a Floating Lantern ceremony (In front of Angkor Wat).

The floating lanterns event is mean for hope pray, for what you want including, hope pray for health, works, love and others.

Source: Lao News Agency