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Thai Company to Look Into Construction of Solar Farm and Five-star Hotel

Vientiane Province has given the green light to a Thai private company to carry out a feasibility study on a solar cell farm and a five-star hotel in the province.

The Chaleunxay Export Company of Thailand has been given a permission following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the study between the company and Vientiane Administration on May 23 in Vientiane Province.

Under MoU, the company will conduct a study on the feasibility of constructing a solar cell farm in Keo-oudom district and a five-star hotel in Vienkham district.

Ms Sukanyavady Chaleunxay, an Executive Board member of the Chaleunxay Export Company that has several solar cell development projects in Thailand, said, We have seen that Laos, particularly Vientiane Province, has a potential for the development of renewable solar power, so we have made a decision to conduct the feasibility study on a solar farm.

An already-determined area for the five-star hotel is located in heart of the province, along the Nam Ngum river, Head of Vientiane Investment Promotion Division Khammuy Sayasouk said, adding that both projects will run for two years.

Signatories to the document were Head of Vientiane Planning and Investment Division Soukanh Vilaylath and Sukanyavady Chaleunxay in the presence of Vientiane Governor Vidong Sayasone.

Source: Lao News Agency