Thateng to Eradicate Poor Families by 2019

Thateng District, Sekong Province expects to reduce the number of families below the poverty line to zero by 2019, according to Vice Chief of Thateng District Lodkeo Phengphounsavath.

Thateng District, which has 297 poor families in 47 villages, covers an area of more than 64,000 hectares with a population of 30,000. The majority of the local people relies on rice farming and animal husbandry.

Last year, Thateng District produced more than 20,000 tonnes of paddy. Its GDP growth averages about 10 percent per year and its per capita income is more than 15.5 million kip (approximately US$ 1,880).

This year, Thateng district will continue attracting investments to bring its infrastructure on par with other more developed districts. The economic growth is set to rise by 14 percent per year, and per capita income is expected to increase to more than 17 million kip (US$ 2,050) of GDP.

Thateng also plans to achieve all the Millennium Development Goals, according to Vice Chief Mr Lodkeo.

Source: Lao News Agency