UAE sees heaviest rainfall in 75 years

ISTANBUL: The United Arab Emirates saw its heaviest downpour in the past 75 years this week, according to the state weather service.

“The UAE witnessed its heaviest rainfall on record in the past 24 hours. Surpassing anything documented since the start of data collection in 1949,” the National Center of Meteorology said in a statement on Wednesday, as quoted by state news agency WAM.

The rainfall that fell on the country during the past 24 hours “is an exceptional event in the UAE’s climate history since the start of recording climate data,” the center said.

Looking ahead, it expects “that the coming hours will witness the recording of larger amounts of rainfall.”

Fly Dubai airlines has canceled some flights due to bad weather conditions, while many others have been postponed.

The UAE Football Federation also announced the postponement of all local football matches scheduled for Tuesday, with new dates to be determined later.

The UAE’s National Committee for Emergency Management urged residents to stay
at home and follow safety guidelines, and only to leave home in cases of extreme necessity.

In neighboring Oman, the state rescue agency said that heavy rains and flash floods had caused the death of 18 people, including nine schoolchildren.

Omani authorities are engaged in rescue efforts, with schools closed in six governorates, including Muscat, due to dangerous weather conditions.

Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast for northeastern and northern Oman in the coming days.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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