Various activities held abroad to celebrate President Ho Chi Minh’s birth anniversary

Katrin Kandel, voluntary CEO of the Facing the World (FTW), a UK-based charity organisation that has been operating in Vietnam since 2007 to support children with congenital craniofacial deformities, has talked with the Vietnam News Agency about Ho Chi Minh’s thought and his works on the occasion of his 133rd birth anniversary (May 19, 1890).

Kandel said she found it extraordinary that President Ho Chi Minh spent nearly three decades on travelling around the world to find a path for national salvation. During this journey, the President studied different forms of western governments to find the most suitable approach to bring freedom and independence to the country that had been invaded by many nations for hundreds of years. More importantly, it was about finding a way to help Vietnam become an independent and self-reliant nation.

According to her, President Ho Chi Minh determined the correct path for national liberation by referring to western models while considering the specific characteristics and practical conditions of the country. She believed that Ho Chi Minh’s thought is the foundation for Vietnam’s achievements, as the country has transformed from a nation that suffered significant losses to a country that has achieved freedom, independence and built its own identity. Vietnam has become a peaceful and hospitable nation.

She said President Ho Chi Minh selectively chose and decided on the most suitable approach to liberate the nation and achieve freedom, rather than rigidly applying western models. She added that it is also the approach taken by FTW in its activities in Vietnam.

Founded in 2002 in the UK, FTW sent over 100 Vietnamese doctors to leading hospitals in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US for training. The FTW also funded remote medical equipment and technology for craniofacial surgical centres in Vietnam, with a total value of 2.4 million GBP (3 million USD).

Over the next five years, FTW plans to support 40,000 craniofacial surgeries for children performed by Vietnamese doctors. It also aims to send 200 Vietnamese doctors for further training abroad while continuing to fund medical equipment and telemedicine technology.

Meanwhile, Aleksandr Sokolovskyi, a scholar of Vietnamese studies, head of the Department for South and Southeast Asian Countries at the Russia’s Far Eastern Federal University’s Institute of Oriental Studies and Honorary Chairman of the Russia-Vietnam Friendship Association in Primorye province, said President Ho Chi Minh has had a profound impact on the Vietnamese people. He is a shining example of dedicating his entire life to liberating the people from colonial rule.

On May 17, a delegation from the Vietnamese Embassy in France and leaders of France’s Montreuil suburban city offered incense to the late President at Montreau park.

Later, they visited the Ho Chi Minh Space located within the Living History Museum where numerous artifacts and materials related to him are preserved.

An incense-offering ceremony was also held in Ho Chi Minh memorial site in Xieng Vang village, Nongbok district, the central Lao province of Khammoune.

On the occasion, the delegates also offered incense and laid a wreath at the Laos-Vietnam Fighting Alliance Monument.

Speaking at the special programme “Diplomatic World” of Venezuela’s Radio Mundial on May 17, Vietnamese Ambassador to Venezuela Vu Trung My affirmed that Vietnam always values traditional solidarity and friendship with friends and important partners in Latin America, including the Vietnam-Venezuela comprehensive partnership.

He committed his utmost efforts to push forward the bilateral ties, especially at a time when the two nations are looking toward the 35th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties next year./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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