Vice-Governors review realising commitment to Lao Generation 2030 and SDGs

Vice-governors of Huaphan, Xieng Khuang, Xaysomboun, Borikhamxay, Vientiane (province) and Vientiane and representatives from the National and Provincial Commissions for the Advancement of Women, Mothers and Children (NCAWMC – PCAWMC) and line ministries met in Xieng Khuang on Aug 10 to review the implementation of Vice-Governors’ Commitment of September 2019 to Lao Generation 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More than 80 people participated in the meeting.

The meeting was co-chaired by Mrs. Bandith Pathoumvanh, Vice President of the NCAWMC, Ms. Beate Dastel, Deputy Representative of UNICEF and Mr. Bounchanh Vivongphanh, Vice Governor of Xieng Khuang.

The consultation meeting is supported by SIDA and UNICEF.

“Last year, Vice Governors have committed to making investments in children, adolescents and young people as a key pillar of the 9th Provincial and District Social Economic Development Plan,” said Mrs. Bandith Pathoumvanh, Vice President of the NCAWMC.

“We also commit to working closely with the Central Government and Line Ministries in strengthening child protection systems and addressing the CRC concluding observations; to improve the Lao human capital by reducing at least by 30 per cent multi-dimensional child poverty in each province by 2030; to generate evidence, share knowledge and enhance our capacity and working mechanisms at sub-national levels for better planning, implementation and monitoring of initiatives to address multi-dimensional poverty among children; and to take an active role in the Lao Generation 2030 Forum,” she further stated.

“Today, let us review the progress of the implementation of our commitment, challenges and way forward,” said Mr. Bounchanh Vivongphanh, Vice Governor of Xieng Khuang.

“The commitment made in Savannakhet last year represents one step closer in the implementation of the CRC Concluding Observations. Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and as such we must work across all sectors to make sure every child realizes their rights. The review of the commitment comes at the right time when the 9th NSEDP is being developed. We have a great opportunity ahead of us to position the child rights agenda and help every child in Laos to develop to his or her full potential.”

According to the report ‘SDGs and Children – Measuring Progress on Child Wellbeing in Lao PDR’, children in the Lao PDR continue to experience significant levels of deprivation despite considerable progress made so far. About 71 per cent of children under 18 years of age suffer from two to five simultaneous deprivations in the areas of nutrition, health, education, Early Childhood Development (ECD), child protection, water, sanitation, housing and information.

While the deprivations are serious for everyone concerned, the implications extend beyond the affected children and households. Future economic growth will be jeopardized if many stunted and deprived children are unable to stay in schools and learn the skills necessary for the country’s development.

“The commitments of Vice Governors are crucial for the realization of children’s rights in the Lao PDR. Higher economic growth rates and social development of the Lao PDR will only be realized if we ensure a better future for children,” said Ms. Beate Dastel, Deputy Representative of UNICEF Lao PDR. “This will require prioritized and sustained investments to unleash the unlimited potential of Lao Generation 2030 – the generation of Lao children and young people who will grow between now and 2030 when SDGs are to be achieved. UNICEF is committed to work side by side with the Government of the Lao PDR on child rights realization,” she added.



Source: Lao News Agency


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