Vientiane Capital Plans to Promote Organic Farming in 2017

Vientiane Capital has outlined a plan to promote organic farming and other cash crops on about 470 hectares in 2017.

This is the ambitious plan of the Vientiane Agriculture and Forestry Department to promote agricultural production.

“In 2017, we plan to encourage more than 100 families in the six districts of Xaysettha, Hadsayfong, Sikhottabong, Xaythany, Nasaythong and Pakngum to grow organic vegetables on 120 hectares during the rainy season in response to the high demand in local markets. It is expected that each hectare will yield around 8 tonnes of produce,” said Head of Vientiane Agriculture and Forestry Department, Mr Linkham Duangsavanh.

During the dry season, organic vegetables are expected to be grown on about 50 hectares in the districts of Hadsayfong, Xaythany and Pakngum in Vientiane Capital.

The department also plans to promote the production of other non-organic agriculture on about 340 ha in Vientiane Capital during the rainy season and on another 200 ha during the dry season.

Organic farming is gaining momentum in Laos and there are now many farmers’ groups producing organic fruits and vegetables.

Producing fruits and vegetables without the use of chemicals reduces possible health risks for farmers as well as consumers. It is therefore widely thought that fewer chemicals should be used in the production of agriculture.

Markets have been set up to educate and inform consumers about organic production systems in Laos, and on the benefits consuming organic products. The farms producing the fruits vegetables for these markets have been certificated as organic.

Source: Lao News Agency