Vietnamese firms improving lives of Lao people

The consumption of organic food has become popular in the world. Recognizing this global trend, Vietnamese investors in Laos have been producing organic farm produce, bringing stable incomes for Lao people.

Vietnamese businesses have also supported people in the remote areas of Laos to change their farming customs, and get used to hi-tech agricultural production. This has significantly helped stabilize the lives of Lao people.

Keo Khounlakhone has been away from her hometown in Attapeu, a province in the southeast of Laos, for almost 10 years.

She had to move to Vientian capital, which is nearly 1,000km from her hometown, to make ends meet at a French garment-textile company, with a monthly income of 3 million Kip (about 180 USD).

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, her company had to stop operation. At such difficult time, Keo could not believe that she was able to find a job at a Vietnamese company in her hometown, which offers better supporting policies than her work in Vientiane.

The Vietnamese firm owns more than 1,000 hectares of hi-tech organic banana plantations in Xaysettha district, Attapeu province. It is creating clean agricultural products with an annual reveanue of over 30 million USD.

With the increasing global demand, the company plans to to further expand the cultivating areas of banana in the Lao province.

Since its operation is in line with the Lao government’s sustainable agricultural development policies, the Vietnamese firm has received high appreciation from the host authorities.

With these outcomes, Vietnamese businesses have contributed to deepening the traditional friendship between Vietnam and Laos.

Source: Lao News Agency

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