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World Peace Council’s Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting Held in Vientiane

(KPL) Thirty delegates representing the World Peace Council and peace organizations in the Asia-Pacific region met in Vientiane Capital on Nov 24, 2019 to discuss cooperation mechanism and future directions for their activities in a candid and constructive manner, with the objectives to contribute to the safeguarding of the world peace and stability.

I highly appreciate that since its last Asia Pacific Regional Meeting held in Katmandu, Nepal in July 2018, the World Peace Council and peace organisations have been active and successful in implementing the adopted plans as outlined in the last declaration, in particular solidarity actions with people’s struggle for independence and freedom, and against interference from aggressive imperialists, Mr. Somphanh Phengkhammy, President of the Lao Committee for Peace and Solidarity told the regional meeting of World Peace Council.

The peoples in the Asia-Pacific region, as in the rest of the world, denounce militarization and the advancement of fundamentalism, racism and fascism, supported by the US imperialism to promote its plans of domination of our nations, said Ms Socorro Gomes, President of the World Peace Council.

We are confident that the final communique and the plan of action that shall result from this meeting will be renewed instruments with which to strengthen the peoples’ struggle in Asia-Pacific and the entire world, since we share this struggle and we make it together!, said Ms Socorro Gomes.

The meeting will provide a good opportunity for delegates from the WPC, countries and peace organisations in the region to discuss in a candid manner, and together appraise comprehensively regional and international situation, which is undergoing rapid, complex and unpredictable changes, and facing with tremendous challenges to peace movements in various regions of the world.

The meeting will also review the past campaigns and actions undertaken by the World Peace Council and peace organisations in the region, and discuss cooperation approaches and mechanism for peace activities in the coming years, with the aim to strengthening peace and stability in the region and the world as a whole.

Source: Lao News Agency