Xayaboury Rice Exports Reach 80,000 Tonnes

Farmers in Xayaboury Province recorded annual rice exports of 80,000 tonnes and an annum rice production of 520 kg per capita last year.

Last year, rice production was conducted on 48,440 ha and over 200,000 tonnes of rice crops were harvested, according to Director of the Xayaboury Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry Mr. Khamla Phiewvanna.

The figure includs 33,000 ha (yielding 157,305 tonnes) of rainy season rice and 3,365 ha of dry season rice (yielding 15,341 tonnes).

Last year rice farmland increased by 840 ha when compared to the figure reported in 2015.

In 2015, Xayaboury launched a cooperative project with China conducting experimental rice farming on over 230 ha in the districts of Xienghone, Xayaboury and Meuangphieng using a specific variety of rice and modern farming technology imported from China.

Under the cooperative project, over 1,000 tonnes of rice were exported to China in 2015.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has reported that over 78,000 ha, representing 83 per cent of the set target, have been transplanted with rice crops since the beginning of the dry season this year.

Source: Lao News Agency