Xayaboury to Halt Banana Plantations mid This Year

The northern province of Xayaboury has decided that as of mid-this year, no more Chinese investments in banana plantations will be allowed. Currently, there are over 520 ha of banana plantations in the province.

Chinese banana plantation investments are suspected as the cause of several problems including the over-use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides which have failed to comply with required standards, thus affecting local communities and the environment.

Banana plantations subject to stoppage include 342 ha in Xayaboury district and 197 ha in Phieng district.

The Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry of Xayaboury on Feb 13 said that it had notified the four companies investing in banana plantations in the districts of Xayaboury and Phieng that the farming of bananas must be stopped by mid-this year and that they would not be allowed to expand their plantations, but can continue farming bananas on existing plantations. Once the bananas have been harvested, the farming practices must be stopped.

Source: Lao News Agency