April 30, 1974 victory a brilliant milestone, source of support for other nations: expert

Havana: The date Apil 30, 1975 was not only a brilliant milestone in the history of Vietnam but also a source of support for other nations to fight against colonialism and regain national independence, said Dr. Ruvislei Gonzalez Saez, one of leading researchers on Vietnam in Latin America.

In a recent interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency, the senior researcher at the Cuban Centre for International Policy Research (CIPI) emphasised the significance of the great victory on April 30, 1975 to Vietnam and the world.

He said that the victory, which led to national reunification, reflected the persistency and unyieldingness of President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese people. It was an iron affirmation that there is only one Vietnam and also paved the way towards socialism nationwide.

He described Vietnam as a lighthouse of hope for the world and a steel rampart against imperialism, noting its victory proved that a nation with unanimity and resolution is indivisible.

After the reunification, Vietnam conti
nued facing countless difficulties and challenges. Thanks to the clear-sighted leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the change of mindset appropriate to the new context, from one of the 15 poorest countries in the world in 1980 – 1981, Vietnam is now among the 15 most dynamic and the fastest-growing countries, and aims to become a developed nation by 2045, Ruvislei Gonzalez Saez said.

Highlighting Vietnam’s achievements in all socio-economic areas, the researcher perceived that its experiences and foreign policy provide a lesson for the world, especially amid the complex international relations at present.

With the stance of being a friend with all countries, Vietnam is an example for not only the countries in the southern hemisphere but powerful nations as well, he said, considering the ‘bamboo diplomacy’ policy as a crucial factor of its successful integration into the world.

Unity, peace, and stability have helped turn Vietnam from a recipient of foreign aid into a country able to assist oth
ers, and from a country just receiving foreign investment into a foreign investor in other countries, Ruvislei Gonzalez Saez went on.

He expressed his belief that Vietnam will continue enhancing its great national solidarity to move forwards on the path of building a new society./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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